At Help With Learning we conduct neurodevelopmental evaluations, explain how the developmental "pieces" we discover relate to your child's symptoms, write a specific neurodevelopmental and educational program or plan for your child, teach you how to carry out that plan at home, and support you in the process.

Your plan can include suggestions for home educating your child. If your child is in a day school we can offer suggestions for a program conducted after school and on weekends.

If you need additional help or have more questions after your evaluation, our friendly staff will be happy to help you.
Your evaluations will be conducted by Marilee Nicoll Coots, a Neurodevelopmentalist and Educator. Ms. Coots is certified by ICAN, International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. She is also a member of AAHD, American Academy for Human Development.

You will be supported by our excellent staff which includes Marilee Nicoll Coots, B.A., Neurodevelopmentalist, Calvin Coots, M.M.Ed., Director of Education, and the branch director from your branch. All members of our staff have conducted neurodevelopmental programs with their own children and have experience explaining program activities to other families.

After the initial evaluation and support period we will meet again for a revisit evaluation. We conduct these revisit evaluations every four months. At your revisit we will again evaluate your child, discuss the progress you have made, rewrite the program to keep you and your child on the cutting edge of new learning, explain the new program and support you for another 4 months.

We believe that communicating with you on a regular basis and supporting you in your efforts to help your child are vitally important. Your questions and concerns will be welcomed by our staff at any time during regular business hours. You will be able to reach us by phone, mail, fax and e mail.

In fact, we want you to call us every 2 weeks during the first 4 months of program, just to be sure you are moving toward your goals. Occasionally we will ask you to send us a video tape of you and your child doing the program, just to be sure we are communicating correctly.
As our client you will be eligible to participate in an international e mail and web based list serve provided exclusively for the families of children on ICAN neurodevelopmental plans and programs. This online community of families offers additional support and encouragement for our families. Marilee Nicoll Coots and other ICAN certified neurodevelopmentalists participate in this list to offer additional help and information for our families.

Our Services Include:

* Review of the client's history
* Functional developmental and educational evaluation. Assessments include:
* tactility,and sensory function
* receptive and expressive language,
* auditory function
* visual function
* auditory sequential,tonal, and rate processing and visual processing,
* auditory and visual short term memory function
* auditory and visual long term memory function
* fine motor abilities, including handwriting, keyboard skills, and advanced specialized manual skills,
* gross motor abilities including endurance and mastery of specialized motor skills,
* information processing including receiving, processing, storing, and utilizing information
* thinking skills,
* learning style and
* cognitive function
* Assessment of educational function utilizing standardized achievement tests when indicated
* Evaluation of function in the areas of social, behavioral, and deportment

Home Programs:
* Design of a home program written specifically for the client with recommendations which address:
* Neurodevelopmental issues
* Processing
* Perception
* Tactility, and sensory function
* Learning
* Academics
* Individualized Home School Educational Plan, if desired by the family.
* Social development
* Behavioral management
* Recommended home program activities are designed to address specific inefficiencies. They are specified by frequency (number of times per day) and duration (in minutes). The daily duration of the program is based on the family's available time.

Implementation instruction:
* We explain the plan to you.
* We train the individuals responsible for the implementation of the individualized neurodevelopmental and educational plan.

Individualized Neurodevelopmental/
Educational Plan Implementation:

* During the four months between evaluations we make ourselves available to you through phone, fax and e-mail to help you carry out the program activities properly.

Continuing support:
* Phone contact: We are available to help you with your program questions by phone, fax
or e-mail.
* Mid-month call in: We request that you call in every 2 weeks to so we can advise you as your child progresses.
* Monthly reports and feedback: You report once each month to receive advice
and motivation.
* We provide evaluation of your videotaped program activities, to give you feedback on your program implementation and further instruction as needed.
* Repeat evaluations: In 4 months you will return for a revisit to determine progress.
* Revised Program: After your revisit your program will be modified for your child's current needs.

Consulting Fees:
(Including all of the services listed above):

Visit First Family Member Additional Family Member
Initial visit $675 $575**
Revisits $577 $457**

Initial evaluation appointments require a deposit of $350.00. Re-evaluation and other types of evaluations require a 50% deposit when the appointment is scheduled. The balance is due at the time of the appointment (see consulting fees above).

Appointment Cancellations:
Deposits are refundable until six weeks prior to the first day of evaluations at the branch where the client is scheduled to be seen. .