What Neurodevelopmentalists Do
Challenges and Changes:
An Approach to Remediation

Help With Learning's Consulting Services

Sensory Play

Down Syndrome -
A Christian Neurodevelopmental Approach

Down Syndrome / Autism - Dual Diagnosis

What It Is To Be "Labeled" Learning Disabled

Auditory Function
Hearing, Learning, and Listening: The role of auditory function in academics and everyday life

Challenges and Changes:
God Gave Us "Ears To Hear"

Sound Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome

Samonas Sound Therapy

Home Schooling
Teaching Babies

Teaching Techniques
Reinforcement:Building a Positive Token
Economy With Tangible Rewards.

Success With Individualized
Neurodevelopmental Plans

Phonics vs Sight Reading: The most important piece of information you need to know

Who Have Overcome Learning Disabilities?

How Neurodevelopmental
Programs Can Improve Function