We believe that every child has been created by God, is loved by Him, and has unconditional value.

God gives children to parents as a blessing. He calls parents to take responsibility for the care, nurture, education and training of their children.

The parent/child relationship is the most important element in a child's development. The amount of progress made by a child is dependent on the amount the family can work one to one with their child.

God gives parents a specific role and responsibility for their child. Therefore, we respectfully support each family's unique belief and value system and the decisions they make.

Although professionals may put "labels" on people and predict limitations relative to those labels, we believe that with God, all things are possible. Therefore, limitations should not be part of our expectations for any child.

When a child has a problem that child needs carefully selected, God honoring, eclectic treatment and assistance.

Learning and attention problems should be addressed primarily without resorting to labels, drugs or compensation approaches.

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